The VCUQatar student lounge mural is a project created in Sophomore Design Technology, co-taught by Maryam Al-Homaid and Michael Hersrud. The objective of the project is to translate abstract digital drawings into larger physical spaces through a practice-based learning environment. To initiate this project, 28 students individually engaged in iterative processes to create playful geometric & organic shapes using vector tools and scanography techniques. After selecting the strongest drawing experiments through a self-evaluation process, students constructed seven small groups, and were then asked to incorporate a drawing component from each team member into a single cohesive composition.
Each group was confronted with the problem of translating their final drawing composition onto the physical space of the wall, and consider scale, detail, and material (paint behaves differently than pixels). The challenge was for the painted mural to be an accurate representation of the final digital drawings, with only limited deviations. Originally, students were limited to work only in black and white (positive and negative space), but were later were asked to incorporated color as a final 'unforeseen' task. The end result is a 10 meter-long mural that is 2.5 meters tall, with 11 colors plus black, consisting of 7 separate panels that are syntactically unified.
iphone images of work in progress
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