The Donkey Lady: and Other Tales from the Arabian Gulf is a folk tale book project that was generated from a UREP grant project supported by Qatar Foundation. The grant was written by Patty Paine and Jesse Ulmer, both faculty members at VCUQatar. I served as a faculty mentor and advisor working with both the illustration and design teams, and acted as a liaison between the students, other faculty mentors and the publisher. The project transitioning from story collection, to illustration, to book design, and eventually lead to book publication that has been released to an international audience. For the final publication of the book, I acted as the design director, primary book designer and co-editor. The book can be found on

The publication was a collaboration between several illustrators. Each story was created in a different illustration style. This allowed for a lot of creative freedom among the team and also helped produce a dynamic folktale collection. However, because of the large variety of styles, it was necessary to design a system to create visual consistency. 
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