Below are several short videos that capture the essence of Tasmeem 2015, an International Art & Design Conference I co-directed here in the Middle East. During Tasmeem 3ajeeb! several of our invited guest produced several experimental videos as part of the conference activities. As part of our conference proceedings, the Tasmeem Co-Chairs collaborated with an external agency to document the processes and outcomes of making as research (3ajeeb! Studios).

As part of Tasmeem 3ajeeb! 2015, we partnered with OFFF from Barcelona for a one day 'OFFF on Tour' event we called 'Tasmeem Day OFFF'. For each OFFF event, a special title sequence is designed and screened at the event. The title sequence fo OFFF Qatar was created by the amazing team MUCHO. This was their first time creating a motion graphic title sequence, and it was well worth the wait. The beautiful imagery captured the essence of each presenter and person involved at Tasmeem. 
We were happy to partern with OFFF and support them for their first OFFF on Tour Event in Qatar, and the Middle East.

Jam Factory
Gavin Strange, one of our presenters shot this video during our desert excursion post conference.

3ajeeb Studios!
3abjeeb Studios are 26 intense workshops that took place over a three day period during the 2015 Tasmeem Conference in Doha. Each workshop was lead by a special guest artists who teamed up with with select VCUQatar faculty and students, as well as attendees from around the Middle East region, to make work. The idea behind each workshop was to address the theme of '3ajeeb' that resulty in playful interactive and experiential outcomes. Following the three day workshops, the outcomes were presented as part of an 'all-day festival/exhibition' that was open to the general public. The short video were produced in collaboration with Omar Khalifa at The Film House, with direction and additional editing by Simone MuscolinoYou can view the entire collection on Vimeo here.

3ajeeb Tasmeem Conference 2015
Hadeer Omar shot our first promotional bumper one year before the Tasmeem conference. The bumper helped generat excitement and curiosity within the university.
We took an amazing trip into the Doha desert in Qatar. A convoy of 20 Land Cruisers, tearing through the desert, ending up at the beach! This whole thing was shot on an iPhone 6 and then edited on the phone too in a hotel room!
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