For Tasmeem, we commissioned a set of large papier-mâché mascot heads to represent each of the Co-Chairs, as well as several other characters that could be worn throughout the conference. The Co-Chairs heads were intended to be a playful way to promote the conference within the Doha community and appear in publication materials and press releases without revealing our actual identity. 

The heads were also playful a way to circumvent cultural issues of local woman (many of whom are our students) cannot appear in photos that will be seen by large international audiences on social media. By using the heads, anyone could appear in a photograph and have fun sharing it with their friends, and the world, via instagram, vine, snapchat and facebook.

The heads were designed in collaboration by Polie Campiteli and Michael Hersrud, the papier-mâché construction and painting was done by Polie Campiteli. The photographs were taken by Omer Mohammad. Special thanks to Simone, Levi and Richard, the co-chairs, for participating in several 'public performances' leading up to the Tasmeem conference.
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