In collaboration with The Center for Research, Design and Entrepreneurship at VCUQatar, and the Qatar Ministry of Interior (Traffic, planning and safety). 

I served as the initial design consultant and creative director (in collaboration with faculty member Basma Hamdy) for a project with The Center for Research, Design and Entrepreneurship at VCUQatar alumni; Lama A. Dheays (Lulu), Rana Rwaished and Haneen Sharif (Design Team). I am working in tandem with Patricia Dugan who is the lead project manager and research team members Roger Griffiths, Roman Turczyn and Peter Chomowicz.

The project was initiated by the company Maersk in association with a division within the Qatari government. The initial project was to develop a ‘brand campaign name’ and ‘logotype’ for that name to support a the launch of a new initiative on child safety involving the give away of baby seats to new mothers in Qatar. Along with the brand name and logotype, the team was also asked to develop promotional and educational materials involved with the initiative. 

Throughout the year, the project expanded to propose a national campaign, using the brand name on all road safety campaigns throughout the country of Qatar, as well as create several campaign initiatives that would be launched over a much longer period of time. Along with the design of campaign materials, the team also meet with external collaborators to facilitate changes in traffic laws, sponsored events, the development of a mobile learning center, and celebrity endorsements targeted at young male Qatari drivers.
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