3ajeeb! Artist Mini-Golf is an intense six week project that happened during the Fall Semester of 2014 at VCUQatar. The project was organized and directed by Michael Hersrud as part of the Tasmeem 2015 International Art & Design Conference in Doha. The project was lead by two visiting artists, Robin Schwartzman and Tom Loftus.

Over 60 plus students from Graphic Design (almost our entire program) were involved, along with faculty members Leland Hill, Levi Hammett, Law Alsobrook, Mahmoud Abbas, and Maryam Al-Homaid. Special thanks to Timothy Dexter De Voe & Shankar Padmanabhan in the Fablab and Wood Shop, and to John Burrow & Laurids Sonne, our mastercraftsman liaisons. 
Below are several snap shots of the process from our shared instagram account. Students and faculty worked side by side to design 9 different holes based on different rules and structures of game play and interactivity. The process began with card board prototypes and colored duct tape, game testing and illustrator sketches, then moved into a production phase using plywood, CNC routers, laser cutters, and many hours in the wood shop. Although the final outcomes turned out amazingly well, I personally thought some of the experiments and energy embedded in the process phase were more interesting.
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